Patriot Property Restoration LLC is a family owned and operated company. We have been in business since 2005. We pride ourselves with honest and ethical service. Always keeping the cost down for our customers, while applying the best products in the industry is our goal. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Steve Adams, the owner of Patriot Property Restoration LLC, provides pest control and mold removal advice and services helping people from Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ and throughout the Jersey Shore. Our simple strategy of helping people prevent pest problems before they occur has protected businesses, and households time and again from pest damage and mold issues.

Steve Adams, Owner of Patriot Property Restoration, LLC

We’re dedicated to creating healthier living and working environments for homes and businesses. We are leaders in the pest control and mold removal industries. Additional healthy home and business solutions include – sump pump installation, vapor barriers for crawl spaces and attics, and dehumidifier installation.

We are locally owned and operated, guaranteeing local expertise in dealing with your pest issue. Our goal is to make sure you are completely happy with the service you receive from us.

Proud member of The New Jersey Pest Management Association

Here’s what you can expect on all of our pest control visits to your home.

On our initial service, we treat both the inside and the outside of your home to establish control of any pest problems you might be having. On follow up visits we usually just need to reinforce the pest barrier. It’s not necessary for you to be home if no attention is needed on the inside. Of course, we will check with you first either in person or by phone to see if you are having any particular issues. Let us know if you need additional treatments inside or if you need a visit any time in between your regularly scheduled treatments.

One of the first mold remediation companies in the Jersey Shore area.

We started in 2007 prior to the super storm “Sandy” in 2012. Many companies have formed since then. We are a family run company and, as the owner, Steve Adams is present on every job. We make sure to treat every job as if it were our own house. He takes pride in our ability to discover the reason why the mold is there and treat that mold for a fair fee. He always tells his customers to get three estimates for any removal services quoted over $500.00. We are confident that our pricing is more then fair and the work we complete comes with a one year transferable warranty.

Patriot Property Restoration LLC is one of the few companies that carry mold remediation insurance and that also separates us from most.

If there is anything else you may need or any problems you may have, please make sure to contact us right away.

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