Cockroach Removal in Ocean County, NJ

Expert Cockroach Control in New Jersey

The best pest management team in Ocean County, NJ knows that one of the world’s most resilient and adaptable insects is the cockroach.

It’s important to understand that cockroaches can be very difficult to get rid of if you don’t use the correct extermination methods once a breeding couple enters your home or place of business.

Cockroach control is our area of expertise at Patriot Property Restoration, LLC for residences and businesses in and near Toms River, New Jersey. To help you stay roach-free all year long, see below for information about cockroaches, their infestation patterns, and prevention advice. To get rid of cockroaches permanently, call our pest control service today.

Where Can I Find Cockroaches?

American cockroaches are fairly large insects, measuring up to two inches long and are also known as palmetto bugs in the South. They actually come from Africa, contrary to what their name might imply, which explains why they prefer warmer regions.

American cockroaches are found in New Jersey in warm, humid environments such as heaps of wood or under mulch.

They may penetrate our homes and business facilities as their outdoor diet (leaves, fungi, algae, and other organic matter) becomes scarcer. These cockroaches can live and multiply into plague-like swarms in Jersey Shore restaurants and other food processing and disposal locations because there is an abundance of food available to them.

How Do Cockroaches Live?

Cockroaches are a group of ancient Blattodea insects. Cockroaches are omnivorous insects that are typically black, brown, or dark orange in color. They can live in practically any environment. Around 50 of the more than 3,000 species of cockroaches that exist in the world are known to be connected to people and are considered pests in the United States. The American cockroach, a native of the State of New Jersey, is one of the most prevalent. The Oriental and German cockroaches are two other common species.

Omnivorous cockroaches prefer decomposing diets with a high carbohydrate, sugar, or protein content. These persistent insects also devour nylon garments, toothpaste, book bindings, soaps, and other non-food objects to survive.

Identification of an American Cockroach

At least 30 different types of bacteria are known to be carried and dispersed by these reddish-brown insects, contaminating food and the locations where food is prepared. They frequently pass by drains and sewers, where they could pick up parasitic worms.

Here’s how to determine whether your house has American cockroaches:

Live sightings Cockroaches are the first and most obvious indication. Since they are nocturnal creatures, cockroaches spend the most of the day hiding in dim, moist areas like the space beneath appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and sinks. There will probably be additional cockroaches nearby if you happen to notice one during the day. Despite their ability to move quickly in search of cover, you may spot them while they move through your home.

Small excretions – Look for minute black particles that resemble coffee grounds in both size and color. These might come from a kind of smaller roach. Roaches that are bigger produce slightly larger cylindrical droppings. These excretions are typically found in shadowy places, including behind appliances. Although cockroach droppings are sometimes mistaken for mouse droppings, mouse droppings have pointed ends whereas cockroach droppings have ridges on the side.

Dark-colored egg capsules – You can discover these capsules hidden in shadowy areas like cellars, cabinets, garages, or sheds. They are usually reddish or blackish brown in hue and have dark skin.

Oily odor – Numerous roach species also give off an unwelcome and distinct oily smell. A cockroach infestation may be indicated by an oily or musty smell in specific sections of your home.

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home

By routinely cleaning places that are most vulnerable to a cockroach infestation, you can stop these pests from entering your home. These include the surfaces of sinks, stoves, and refrigerators. Be careful to periodically cover and empty your garbage cans and to never leave food out for a lengthy period of time. Cockroaches are drawn to the decaying food that contains sugar, carbohydrates, fat, or protein.

Make sure your wallpaper and liner paper are flat as well so that roaches can’t dig underneath. Keep your crawlspaces and basements as dry as you can because some cockroach breeds—the Oriental roach in particular—do well in moist, humid surroundings.

Since roach infestations start from the outside, proper roach prevention begins with proper outdoor care. Make sure your yard is free of dead vegetation and try your best to keep all vegetation at least a foot away from your building. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your doors and windows are properly sealed and that there are no holes or cracks anywhere in your building.

There are various strategies to stop these pests from entering your home, even if it can be challenging to totally avoid them. You should do the following to prevent cockroach infestations.

  • Make sure the crawl space is dry and has good ventilation.
  • In humid places, install dehumidifiers.
  • Close up any gaps along the exterior of your home.
  • Outside of the house or in the yard, immediately clean up any pet waste or pet food.
  • Fix any standing water problems you may have in your basement or yard.

Call Patriot Property Restoration, LLC right away if you’re suffering with a cockroach infestation in your house. These pests can be located and identified by our pest control specialists, and we can then provide and carry out the required treatment. We also provide a Home Protection Plan that equips you with a home free of pests all year long.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Call the qualified exterminators at Patriot Property Restoration, LLC right away if you’re already suffering with a cockroach infestation. While it seems simple to prevent infection by throwing out old food and keeping your home clean, they may still find their way inside. Once that happens, it becomes very difficult to totally eradicate cockroaches from your premises. We can help make sure your pest problem will be taken care of, and your property will be secured against further invasion. Trust the professionals to handle the situation properly and efficiently for you rather than wasting your time trying to get rid of these bugs using home remedies or pesticides that you can buy at the store.

How Much Does Cockroach Removal Cost?

For single-family homes, Patriot Property Restoration, LLC offers roach control and treatments starting at $195.00. The cost of multifamily service is roughly $75.00 per unit. In Ocean County, Patriot Property Restoration, LLC employs bait pucks and gel baits rather than sprays to reduce roach populations. We provide affordable quarterly and monthly plans for homes and businesses. After the initial cleanup, the cost of quarterly treatment drops to $95.00 every quarter for a year. The initial service is $155.00.

Ocean County, NJ Cockroach Exterminator

If you need an ant exterminator, mice exterminators or to get rid of termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, or any other type of pest, please contact us to schedule an inspection of your property in Ocean County and Monmouth County and the surrounding areas of Central New Jersey.  A Lacey, Lanoka Harbor, Manchester, Whiting, Bayville, Berkeley, Toms River, Brick, Point Pleasant, Lakewood, Jackson, Howell cockroach exterminator from Patriot Property Restoration can help you with pest control.

As one of the toughest and most adaptable pests out there, cockroaches are incredibly difficult to remove without the help of a professional. If you believe you currently have a cockroach problem in your home or business, our pest management professionals at Patriot Property Restoration, LLC can help.

We provide highly effective roach control solutions for properties across the Jersey Shore, and the surrounding region. Roaches are hardy, adaptable, and known to carry several harmful pathogens. Don’t let your cockroach infestation go uncontrolled—call our team today!

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