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Mold Removal in New Jersey

Mold Removal and Remediation Services
in New Jersey by Patriot Property Restoration Services LLC

Patriot Property Restoration Services LLC are professional mold removal experts who restore and maintain safe interior settings. With years of experience, we are trained, certified, and licensed to safely remove interior contaminants and risks associated with mold.

You will receive the same level of expert mold treatment whether you are in a residential or business location. Our top goal is your health, the health of your family, and the health of your employees.

New Jersey Mold Removal for Homes and Businesses

When you engage the mold removal experts at Patriot Property Restoration Services LLC, you can expect exceptional workmanship, professional service, and the industry’s greatest customer support. Our New Jersey mold remediation and abatement services will not only get rid of the mold, but they will also keep it from coming again. We also specialize in damage restoration, including water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation. Founded in 2005, our company has trained and certified all of our technicians in all restoration equipment and processes. Our team undergoes regular training in restoration services to ensure the highest quality of work.

An industry leader in mold removal, we use state-of-the-art mold sampling equipment for our mold testing** and mold inspections**. Our professionals are all highly trained experts: not just in industrial hygiene, but also in the fields of water mitigation and building science. Because of our knowledge of moisture damage and mold contamination, we better understand where hidden mold is found. Our professional staff is experienced in handling all types and sizes of mold removal projects in New Jersey.

Mold Remediation in New Jersey

Patriot Property Restoration Services LLC is glad to provide our New Jersey clients with broad mold removal services due to mold problems requiring specialist treatment and well-thought-out solutions. We use the most up-to-date restoration techniques to thoroughly and safely remove all mold while preserving the property’s integrity and avoiding future mold growth.

From testing to clean-up, our services cover every stage of the problem:

  • Mold testing by an independent laboratory
  • Moisture measurement and evaluation
  • Drying of the structure and the content
  • Treatment and repair of water damage
  • Plastic is used to isolate the work site.
  • All recoverable content is being packed, stored, and transported
  • Attic Mold Removal
  • Decontamination of the site
  • Blasting with dry ice (Non-toxic mold remediation)
  • Restoration of mold and water damage
  • Water damage restoration
  • Treatments that are antifungal and antimicrobial.
  • Reconstruction, remodeling, and re-building
  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstery to a high standard
  • Restoration of the property and its contents

New Jersey Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration Service

Mold can be surprisingly tough stuff, and anyone who has ever tried to remove it may agree. Mold thrives in wet environments including those caused by cleaning, accidental spills, a leak or natural disaster. Moisture and mold can penetrate deep into wallpaper, plasterboard, grout, and cloth. In most cases, surface cleaning will just remove the surface mold, leaving the problem unsolved. This is somewhat predictable when you consider that airborne mold spores are impossible to eradicate using traditional methods.

At Patriot Property Restoration Services LLC, we provide a complete mold remediation service that includes the removal of all mold residues as well as airborne mold contamination. We also specialize in fire damage restoration, ensuring properties affected by fire are expertly restored. Our services are typically needed for New Jersey Attic Mold Removal or Basement and Crawlspace Mold Remediation in New Jersey. We accomplish this by stopping the infestation, preventing it from spreading, and finally totally eliminating all signs of the mold.

Call 609-549-3058 or contact us now for an inspection if you want to ensure that your mold problem is dealt with in a safe and thorough manner by qualified professionals.

NJ Mold Removal

Effective Mold Removal in Ocean County, New Jersey

We are committed to offering mold remediation services that are both professional and ethical. This is why we choose to follow all EPA standards and guidelines to the letter, as well as to utilize only EPA-registered mold encapsulates and disinfectants. All of our products are completely non-toxic and biodegradable, so you won’t have to worry about bringing dangerous chemicals into your home or office. Additionally, we are actively involved in the Greater New York area, participating in local events and supporting community initiatives.

We’ve seen that many businesses in the New Jersey area opt not to comply with these regulations because the mold treatment industry is not directly regulated by the state or federal government. In fact, their tactics aren’t guaranteed to work, and they may increase mold growth in the long run. Worse, the substances they occasionally choose to use can be poisonous to humans and hazardous to the environment.

Experts in Mold Remediation in New Jersey

Mold removal is legal for anybody to do in Ocean County, but at Patriot Property Restoration Services LLC, we only use fully qualified, highly experienced mold removal professionals.  For good reason, our client satisfaction record is flawless. Our encapsulating materials are guaranteed, and the ingredients we employ are scientifically sound.

From the Initial Inspection Until the Final Clean-up

We can assist you with the repercussions of your mold problem even after it has been resolved. We’ll even assist you with renovating once a major mold problem has been resolved, unlike most other mold treatment companies.

We believe it is critical that our clients understand the procedures involved in the mold removal process. We take the time to educate our clients on the process and are happy to answer any questions they may have. We want the owner to understand why our staff are dressed in Tyvek suits, wearing respirators, lugging huge machines into their facilities, and erecting containment walls in areas that the owners will not be able to access during the mold remediation job. Additionally, we provide more valuable resources such as photos, videos, updates, best practices, and insights.

Mold Grows Fast, Don’t Wait To Remove It

It’s critical for any New Jersey homeowner or business owner to recognize that mold can grow and spread in as little as 1-2 days following a water loss. Mold spores act as seeds that are carried around by air currents and grow wherever they land. Because of how quickly mold grows, especially in moist and humid environments, specialist intervention is required to completely and safely eliminate mold from your home or company. Bessy Alonzo and 2 others have also highlighted the importance of timely mold removal in social interactions.

When we take on any mold removal project in New Jersey, will inform our clients about the reasons that may have contributed to the mold’s development, how it reproduces, and how it spreads throughout a structure. We want the owner to be aware of the facts. Because it is well documented that certain mold can cause people to develop major health problems, a mold removal process is sometimes necessary.

If you suspect a mold problem in your house, school, or institution, including visible growth, strange odors, or complaints of respiratory ailments, please call us. We’ll look into it right away. Investigations and remediation in schools, libraries, multi-family housing, factories, commercial kitchens, houses, and other institutions are part of our background.

If you suspect mold in your home, call 609-549-3058 or Contact Us Now