Sump Pump Installation, Replacement and Maintenance

New Jersey sump pump repair and  installation

Our sump pump specialists work with New Jersey homeowners for long-lasting sump pump functionality. Your satisfaction comes first. We perform sump pump replacements, installation, and maintenance at competitive prices while maintaining our high standards of quality and service.

We help protect New Jersey homes against flood damage and water accumulation. Why is this important? Mold loves to grow in dark, wet spaces. A crawl space or basement that is taking on water and not pumping it out is the perfect breeding ground for a mold infestation!

Did you know that mold growing in your basement or crawlspace can damage the structure of your home? It also affects the indoor air quality of the rest of your house. It’s a great idea to make sure your sump pump is functioning and in good condition to protect your home and your loved ones from exposure to harmful mold.

Avoid A Flood In Your Basement or Crawl Space After Stormy Weather

We bring results that leave your property safe and provide you with peace-of-mind should a major storm occur. This piece of equipment is often overlooked when performing household or property maintenance.

After a major storm or flooding, we expect our sump pumps to remove any water accumulation and restore our basements to pre-flooding levels. There are many issues that can occur with your sump pump, causing it to malfunction or, even worse, not work at all. If you notice symptoms that indicate your sump pump is not performing correctly, or have found after testing that your sump pump is not working, you will need professional sump pump replacement for optimal function.

You may be experiencing a malfunctioning sump pump if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Motor hums, but won’t run
  • Stuck Check-valve
  • Discharge pipe is blocked
  • Leaking
  • Pump partially works, then shuts off
  • Pump won’t start/run

You can perform a quick test on your pump to gain a better understanding of the repairs that may be necessary. Take a 5-gallon bucket and slowly pour it into the crock of your sump pump. The sump pump switch should turn on and begin pumping water. Let the pump perform its duty, and observe whether or not it turns itself off once completed. Slowly pour more water into the pump to ensure it starts again. If this test yields results signaling a malfunction or improper removal of water, call us for expert sump pump replacement.

Whether you have a damaged sump pump, leaking sump pump, or non-performing sump pump, we have the skills, tools, and experience necessary to perform prompt and complete sump pump replacement.  Our sump pump experts will inspect your sump pump and determine the right solution while remaining within your budget.

Installing a sump pump and waterproofing system is the least disruptive and most effective way to keep a basement dry – and keep it dry all the time! At Patriot Property Restoration LLC, we can install a complete sump pump system in just one visit to your home!

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