Celebrate Fourth of July, Pest Free!

happy fourth of july in ocean county, nj

Can you have a pest-free Fourth of July in Ocean County, New Jersey? Typically, Fourth of July plans at the Jersey Shore involve picnics, cookouts, fireworks, and enjoyable times with loved ones. It might also involve a “explosion” of unwelcome critters that aim to ruin your fun.

Take the following steps to ensure a fun and pest-free Fourth of July celebration both before and during your celebrations.

Keep Pests Away From The Party

  • To prevent bugs from entering your home, inspect your screen doors and fix any gaps.
  • To lessen the risk of mosquitoes, remove any sources of standing water from the area around your home. This includes making sure your gutters are clear of debris and standing water from the last rain event.
  • Insect stingers adore sweet foods and beverages. Cover all meals and beverages.
  • For beverages, think about using clear plastic cups. Stinging insects love to hide out in cans and bottles.
  • Cover trash cans and keep them away from the party area.
  • If at all possible, serve food indoors and reserve the outdoor dining area for eating.
  • Any food or drink spills must be cleaned up right away.

Mosquitoes, stinging insects like wasps and hornets, bothersome ants like carpenter ants, and pavement ants are some of the common pests that invade cookouts. If you’re not adequately prepared, the mix of holiday cookouts and increased pest activity might make for a less than pleasant experience.

Patriot Property Restoration, LLC offers the following advice to prevent pesky pests from ruining your Fourth of July festivities so that you, your family, and friends can celebrate in safety and good cheer.

Repel These Pests From Your New Jersey Yard This Summer


Flies are a frequent intrusive at barbecues and picnics in the backyard. By covering your food with foil or tightly closing containers, or by setting up the buffet inside a screened-in porch or tent, you may prevent these disgusting insects from ruining your picnic. Additionally, keep in mind to clean up spills of food and beverages because they are a key draw for flies.

Pet waste and fungus that grows on mulch in your yard or gardens are also attractive to flies. Make a sweep of your yard before the party and remove anything you see that might encourage them to buzz around the property.


Similar to flies, ants are attracted to food, including spills and crumbs. Ants love sweet, sugary things, like soft drink spills, and they thrive on them. Ants won’t get their hands on the prize if you clean up spilled food and liquids and rinse out cans and bottles before throwing them in the trash or recycling.

Stinging Insects

Getting stung by a bee or yellow jacket may completely ruin a party. Before the party, Patriot Property Restoration, LLC advises homeowners to check their property for any indications of nests in trees, behind awnings, and in the eaves of their home. Additionally, cover food and beverage cans and bottles because many stinging insects are drawn to sweet things and nobody wants to drink anything that has a bee in it!


These pesky bugs frequently interrupt holiday parties, so it’s important to get rid of any standing water and maintain a tidy yard to discourage mosquito breeding. To drive mosquitoes off your deck or patio, use insect repellent, yard sprays with DEET or eucalyptus oil, put on a ceiling or box fan (mosquitoes are not good flyers), and burn citronella candles.

It goes without saying that there will be an abundance of food and beverages available when people meet for their holiday celebrations. But it’s not just your visitors that want to savor everything on their platters! Pests are attracted to the sweet, sugary pastries, fruit, and soft beverages that are common at holiday gatherings, as well as the greasy leftovers that are sometimes found on grills, serving trays, and garbage cans overflowing with party leftovers.

Follow these tips at your home and parties in Ocean County, New Jersey and enjoy a safe, fun, and pest-free Fourth of July!

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