How Does Ventilation Reduce the Risk of Mold Growth?

Fresh air is nature’s antidote to the problem. By replacing stale air filled with mold spores, fresh air can significantly hinder the expansion of mold. Proper ventilation is more than just opening a window; it’s about ensuring continuous air circulation throughout your home or building. It involves creating an environment where mold spores struggle to … Read more

Celebrate Fourth of July, Pest Free!

Can you have a pest-free Fourth of July in Ocean County, New Jersey? Typically, Fourth of July plans at the Jersey Shore involve picnics, cookouts, fireworks, and enjoyable times with loved ones. It might also involve a “explosion” of unwelcome critters that aim to ruin your fun. Take the following steps to ensure a fun … Read more

Organic Yard Spray Natural Pest Control Treatment

Finally, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your yard this summer in Ocean County, New Jersey. Our organic yard spray treatment will get rid of a variety of pests with our naturally-inspired insect control formula. We use safe and effective spray to deliver a pest-free yard that’s safe for your kids and pets. Call … Read more

Special Offer – 20% Off Ant Treatment!

Are you finding ants have arrived along with the warm spring weather? Patriot Property Restoration LLC will get rid of those unwanted house guests so your family can enjoy the spring season in a pest free home! Call 609-549-3058 or contact us now online for a free quote and receive 20% OFF Any Ant Treatment … Read more